Only the freshest and best quality ingredients are used in Osaka Ohsho. Our chefs undergo extensive training under our Japanese master chefs in order to deliver an experience that only Osaka Ohsho can offer.

6 pcs. 180
12 pcs. 360
6 pcs. 190
12 pcs. 380
Nori Flavor
6 pcs. 190
12 pcs. 380
Koshihikari Sets
Gyoza Koshihikari Set 270
Black Vinegar Chicken Set 390
Mabo Tofu Set 350
Beef Saikoro Teppan Set 600
Salon Teriyaki Set 550
Saba Shio Yaki Set 475
Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce Set 380
Chicken Karaage Toji Set 395
Beef Sukiyaki Set 425
Chahan Sets
Chahan Gyoza Set (6 pcs) 360
Chahan Karaage and Gyoza Set 425
Chahan with Chicken Teriyaki Set 415
* Each Chahan Set comes with a serving of Chahan, 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate and unlimited premium steamed Japanese Koshihikari rice.
**Upgrade to Black Chahan by adding P10 to the set price.
Fuwatoro Sets
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Gyoza Set 650
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Karaage Set 650
Ebi Tempura Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Set (Ala Carte) 420
Ebi Tempura Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Set (Good for 2) 695
*Each Fuwatoro Set comes with a serving of Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, two servings of miso soup and two servings of fruit.
Japanese Curry Sets
Pork Katsu Curry Set 425
Chicken Karaage Curry Set 425
Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Ala Carte) 450
Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Good for 2) 695
*Each Japanese Curry Set comes with 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate and unlimited premium steamed Japanese Koshihikari rice.
Appetizers & Salads
Kushi Age Katsu Tower 335
Crab Cream Croquettes (2 pcs) 225
Osaka Ohsho Salad 195 / 330
Fresh Miso Soup 70
Agedashi Tofu 188
Yakimono (Grilled)
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki 275
Salmon Teriyaki 395
Salmon Shio Yaki 390
Saba Shio Yaki (Roasted Mackerel) 330
Gindara Teriaki 720
Kitayama Wagyu Steak with Duo of Sauces 1,800
Beef Saikoro Teppanyaki 500
US Certified Angus Ribeye with Duo of Sauces 930
Tonpeiyaki with Pork and Cheese 275
Stir Fry
Black Vinegar Chicken 335
Ebi Chili 375
Double Cooked Pork with Cabbage 385
Beef with Eggplant in Special Hokoro Sauce 330
Vegetables & Tofu
Mabo Tofu 280
Yasi Itame 250
Agemono (Deep-fried)
Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Karaage
with Trio of Sauces 330
with Grated Radish 330
All Prawn Tempura
5 pcs 425
8 pcs 650
Kakiage Tempura (Vegetable) 250
Tempura Moriawase (Assorted) 450
Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce 290
Pork Cutlet Toji 290
Rice & Noodles
Special Fuwatoro Tenshin Han 310
Original Chahan (Good for 2 persons) 250
Black Chahan (Good for 2 persons) 260
Gyudon 300
Chicken Teriyakidon 260
Pork Katsudon 270
Yakisoba 348
Sara Udon 320
Beef Sukiyaki 390
Steamed Premium Japanese Koshihikari Rice 75
Afternoon Sets
Each set comes with miso soup and is available only from 2 to 5 p.m. daily
Gyoza Afternoon Set 220
Chicken Teriyaki Afternoon Set 220
Pork Cutlet Toji Afternoon Set 230
Kiddie Sets
Available only for children 10 years old or younger. Set includes rice, miso soup and a fruit plate.
Kiddie Chicken Karaage Set 185
Kiddie Prawn Tempura Set 320
Kiddie Chicken Teriyaki Set 200
Banana Tempura with Homemade Japanese Ice Cream 330
Homemade Hapanese Ice Cream 125
Japanese Parfait with Homemade Ice Cream 280
Softdrinks (in can) 75
Mineral Water 70
San Miguel Beer 85
San Miguel Light 85
Kirin Beer 130
Bottomless House Blend Iced Tea 98
Fresh Lemonade 120
Matcha Milk Smoothie 130
Fresh Mango Yakult 138
Japanese Milk Tea with Pearls 125
Strawberry Passionfruit Fizz 125
Apple Lychee Soda 125
Saka and Sochu Ask your server for available options


SM Megamall
3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City
(+632) 631 7494

The Block, SM North EDSA,
Quezon City
(Opening December 2015)

Gyoza Bar by Osaka Ohsho
(Opening January 2016)